For Your Protection

Although 100% of the event will be outside (in open-air), the Poplar Hall team is always concerned for the health of eventgoers, artisans, performers, vendors and request that all guests follow COVID-19 protocols for the State of Maryland:


  • Face Coverings are REQUIRED

    • To enter the event, you MUST wear a mask for the entirety of each and everyones stay while at the market

  • Hand Hygiene

    • Each Artisan & Vendor will hav​e a disinfectant at their table for your use

  • Social Distancing  

    • All Artisan & Vendors will be Socially Distanced with at least a six foot between each other​

Our team will work to follow the Maryland Department of Health Guidelines for COVID-19


We thank you for your understanding and look forward to a wonderful and safe Christmas