Historic Poplar Hall

3176 Denny rd

Newark. DE, 19702

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Market only a one day event?

 - Yes, for 2018 it is. We are however looking into extending it to a weekend event for next year...stay tuned



Is the event handicap accessible?


 - It is accessible, although since most of the artisans are located inside historic barns, some of them will take a little time entering or exiting. Send us an email letting us know and we will do our best to help when you arrive.


How much is it to get in?


 - It’s Free to enter! We will have a small $5.00 parking charge per vehicle.



Where is parking?


 - Parking is on site and on the farm.



What to wear?


 - Some things are in doors and some are outdoors, so please dress like you would be walking the English countryside. Watch for the weather and dress warm!



Is there a rain date?

 - No, this is a one day event and will not have a rain date. We will communicate on and in social media channels if weather is an issue.



How do I apply to become an artisan for next year?


 - Send a detailed email in our Info page with your name, what skills you have and a link showing your work. It is a completely curated event, and we do reserve the right to select the artisans we feel work with our Market the best.



How can I find a certain artisan?


 - Easy, go the Artisans page on the site. There you will see the names and contact info for each artisan.

Is the event Animal Friendly?

- Although we ourselves are dog, cat and horse people and we'd love to meet your furry friends, the event IS NOT open for pets.

Will you accept Cash and or credit cards?

- Please bring cash, as the $5.00 parking fee can only be paid that way, but our artisans will be accepting both major Credit Cards and Cash.

​Greg Shelton

Owner & Exec. Director

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